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Ozarks AIDS Resources and Services

Services Provided

• Free Clinic

Ozarks AIDS Resources and Services (OARS) provides a free clinic forOARS Services individuals living in the five Arkansas counties of Baxter, Boone, Carroll, Marion, and Newton. We do not receive any financial assistance from these counties. Other HIV/AIDS assistance offices/organizations serve other locations, and OARS recognizes that with our limited resources, we need to concentrate on providing quality care within a stated geographic region.

OARS does not charge any insurance carrier – nor the patient -- for the individual’s consultation with the Medical Director at the OARS designated clinic time.

• No Charge for HIV/AIDS Medications

HIV/AIDS medications are obtained – at no charge to the patient -- through various patient-assistance programs. Many of these medications are obtained through the Ryan White Act which is administered in our area by ARcare. When these items are not available through the normal channels, a local pharmacy assists us by obtaining the necessary items for OARS. The patient is not charged for these medications, no matter the source.

• Lab Work

All necessary testing/lab work is provided for the patient. If the patient has a form of insurance, the hospital/lab can charge the carrier. After the hospital/lab receives reimbursement (usually less than 25 percent of the amount charged), the remaining bill is presented to OARS – not to the patient. We have negotiated with these service providers for a discount on the remaining amount owed, and OARS then pays this amount. The patient/client is not responsible for any of these services which are ordered through OARS as part of their HIV/AIDS care.

• HIV/AIDS Testing

EVERYONE should be tested to ascertain if they are positive for the HIV virus. Contact a County Health Department to make an appointment.

• Speakers for Community Programs

OARS will provide free speakers for any organization, business, school, church group, or community group wishing to know more about HIV/AIDS.